on my needles and on my mind


I had all these grand plans for knitting and pattern-writing this summer, and…well, they didn’t really materialize. I am so very good at doing things in my head (my imaginary knits are incredible, you guys!), but actually doing them in reality is sometimes beyond my grasp. I’m sure it doesn’t help that I spend so much time daydreaming when I could actually be doing, but I’m not sure I’d have any motivation to do if it weren’t for the daydreaming…the trouble, as with pretty much everything in life, is finding a good balance! And then of course there’s the problem of feeling like I’ve accomplished something just by deciding that I’ll do it, and then forgetting to, you know, actually do it. I get stuck at step one. Oh, adulting. It’s hard.

But anyway, I did knit quite a bit this summer, but it was a rather unfocused sort of knitting that resulted in quite a few WIPs and not a whole lot of FOs. But here’s a run-down of the stuff that’s currently on my needles, and if not on my needles just yet, most pressingly on my mind.

Stripes cardi-in-progress for me.

My Stripes! cardigan is still in progress, and now has about 3/4 of a sleeve. I’m really delighted with how it’s turning out, and hope to wear it to Rhinebeck this year. (I’d best get a move on that, since that’s only a little over a month away!) I’m still planning to write up a top-down pattern for both adults and kiddos, and on that note, I’ll be knitting a newborn-sized one quite soon, as a gift to two of the ministers at my UU church – they are expecting their first baby in late November, and I couldn’t think of a better gender-neutral piece of knitwear for two amazing UU ministers than a cardigan with rainbows on it.

Garter Rib cardigan #2 for M

On the knits-for-Rhinebeck front, I also cast on for a second Garter Rib cardigan for M (and, as with Stripes!, have plans to release a pattern once I’ve finished writing/testing it). Her old one was getting a bit snug (though it did fit her for a good long time, thanks to the stretchy garter rib!), so we passed it down to her cousin Emma, along with her old Stripes! cardigan (which reminds me – I’d like to knit M another one of those, too!) Check out the amazing buttons that M chose for her new Garter Rib cardigan (the purple ones were to replace the lost buttons on her old one before we gave it to Emma):

Maddy chose the purple buttons to go on the old garter rib cardi (which she's passing down to cousin Emma) and the awesome octopus ones for her new garter rib cardi (which I'm currently knitting).

I just cast on for the sleeve of M’s new cardigan…gosh, I love tubular cast-ons!

Gosh I just love tubular cast-ons

Other things that have crept onto my needles recently include another pumpkin hat:

Another pumpkin hat (in progress)

And another “padded sweet tomato heel” sock for M:

"Jupiter" sock number one

The colors remind us of Jupiter, so I’ve been calling them “Jupiter” socks. I carried the slipped heel stitch all the way down the sole of the sock, and am happy with how that turned out:

"Padded Sweet Tomato Heel"

I really like Cat Bordhi’s “Padded Sweet Tomato Heel”, though my slipped stitches sometimes do get a little wonky in combination with the short rows. I think it might be because I’m doing the heel over an even number of stitches but her tutorial is over an odd number, so I’m turning on the slipped stitches in a way that she’s not. Something to think about for the next pair!

I also picked up a skein of Feederbrook Farm Entropy (I was getting a skein for my GMDS swap partner, and couldn’t bear not to pick one up for myself, too), which is turning into a Wurm hat for me:

Wurm-to-be (for me)

Those blues and purples just sing to me!

As if all these things aren’t enough, I also really want to knit myself some bootliners, and got a few Pam Powers patterns to get me started. My first pair will be charcoal grey, because that’s a really useful color in my wardrobe:


And I haven’t given up my intention to knit up lots of cowls and other neck adornments, too. And of course there’s my long-stalled Lopi Affection cardigan, the finishing of the Mitered Crosses Blanket, and the never ending and ever-expanding list of both patterns I hope to knit and designs I hope to create from stash yarn, and goodness gracious do I ever have a lot of stash yarn to work through! (And oh gosh, there’s sewing, too…oh, dear brain of mine, there is only one of me!) My fingers can’t keep up with my imagination, but I’m really trying this year to be mindful about my acquisitions, and about actually setting about doing the things I’ve dreamed up. Wish me luck?


6 thoughts on “on my needles and on my mind

  1. Aww those buttons are adorable! This was just the post I needed as I get ready to cast on three new WIPs, one being a baby blanket, in addition to the three already on my needles. In my defense (lol), one WIP is unworkable as I wait on more yarn but that excuse will only take me into next week haha. If only we had more hands.

  2. Those buttons are delightful! And I totally get you on the “deciding to do it is the same as doing it” thing. Sometimes I write magnificently eloquent blog posts about stuff that I really do want to share, and then never get around to actually writing the words down. And goodness knows my ravelry queue has gotten a bit out of hand. And, and, and… Sometimes creativity can be a bit of a pain.

  3. Do you know of Joji’s three color cowl? I’ve made one and cast on for a second almost right away because it’s that much fun to knit!
    Love that stripes sweater in rainbow. Really is a lovely baby gift.

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