things i knit for maddy(‘s baby doll): a wool soaker!


I finished a draft of a manuscript, so had some *actually* free time this morning while M is at camp. Apparently, when left to my own devices, I will follow through on whatever idea pops into my head at that moment, craft-wise, and thus, I created these:

Sometimes I knit doll undies on a whim.

Yep, doll undies. M’s baby doll had a nice little felt diaper, once upon a time, but it got lost somewhere, and she’s been bringing naked baby everywhere with her recently. I thought maybe baby could use a wool soaker, so I got out some Lion Brand Fishermans Wool, some size 6 dpns, and made her one.

Baby's diaper got lost, and I thought she could maybe use a "soaker". Just made it up to fit baby perfectly. I hope M likes it!

No pattern – I just cast on what appeared to be the right number of stitches using backwards-loop (I actually just held it up against baby and guesstimated from that), then knit a few rows of garter stitch for the front before decreasing to make the curve of the leg holes, and then reversed that to make the back side of the leg holes, did some short rows, etc etc…I basically used the same “recipe” as for the diaper cover I designed for M a couple years ago (which I should maybe actually write up someday?). The ribbing at the waist was done using smaller dpns – I think they were size 3s. And the fit is perfect!

I guess now that baby has a soaker, she probably should get a sweater, too, eh? Maybe that’ll be my project for another day :)


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