Rainbow shawl in the sun.

As soon as I finished Thalia, I cast on for another shawl – this time Whipporwill, in a skein of Kauni Effektgarn that I’ve had in my stash for awhile. It’s the EQ colorway, that wonderful rainbow gradient! So far, I’ve knit through magenta, purple, blue, and green…

Kauni Whipporwill progress.

…and it’s so fun to watch the colors gradually shift. The Kauni yarn isn’t the softest stuff out there, but I don’t mind the way it feels! (I have sensitive skin, but oddly am not bothered by even fairly rough wool.)

Loving working with Kauni Effektgarn!

I’m not sure where I’ll have cause to wear a rainbow colored shawl (at the Pride parade? But that’s in July, so maybe not shawl weather!), but rainbows make me happy, so I’m sure I’ll figure something out. This shawl is going to be my project during our upcoming trip. We’re leaving tomorrow for Illinois to go to my cousin’s wedding (where I’ll wear Thalia), and then from there, driving with my parents up to MN to visit with them and with my grandparents, who are coming up to MN also. I’m really looking forward to seeing them, and excited for them to get to spend time with M!

But since we’ll be gone for quite awhile, I was mildly paranoid that I’d run out of knitting projects, so I cast on for another project yesterday:

I started a new sweater (of my own design, for M) yesterday.

It’s my own design, and it’s for M. We were reading a library book, and I noticed the sweater that one of the bears in the book was wearing – a white sweater with thin blue stripes, kind of nautical looking, and I thought…hey, I have Beaverslide Sport/Sock in my stash in those colors! So then I sketched out my idea, which isn’t exactly like the bear’s sweater (hers is a boat neck, I think), but instead, a split yoked pullover, with a slight A-line shape and pockets. I find that split yokes are very easy for M to put on herself (plus, I just love yokes, and splitting it makes it easy to have stripes without any jog), and I know she loves having pockets. M says she wants a zipper for the split section. We’ll see how it all works out – perhaps this will become yet another pattern on my list of patterns to write up for sale. (I swear, I’m going to work on at least the Garter Rib cardigan(s) and the Stripes! cardigan(s) this summer! I’d love to also knit up and write up a kids’ Vahtralehed pattern, too. And…so many other things. My brain is full and my to-do list is crazy.)


One thought on “works-in-progress

  1. So colorful! Like the start of the new design, too — the nautical look is super cute, and navy is one of my favorite colors. So crisp and clean looking!

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