things i make for me: thalia!


Leaving Thalia to dry outside after I pinned it out yesterday was a great idea – it was already dry by later in the afternoon! So now I need not worry about not having a shawl to wear with my dress at my cousin’s wedding – I’ve got it done with plenty of time to spare!

Very very happy with my new shawl!

Project Details:
Ravelry Project Page
Pattern: Thalia, by Kirsten Kapur
Yarn: sKnitches Kettle Drum in “Peapod” (which had been in my stash for AGES), plus some Dream in Color Baby in “Spring Tickle” (also old stash yarn!)
Needles: size 7 Clover circulars
Time to knit: about 2.5 weeks

I absolutely adore this pattern – it’s actually the first of Kirsten Kapur’s shawls that I’ve knit, despite lusting after them for quite some time! I bought her “Shawl Book One” after seeing the lovely photos that Gale Zucker posted from the photoshoot, knowing that there were at least a few patterns in it that I had definite intentions to knit. Thalia wasn’t the one I was planning to knit first, though – that came about after the mishaps with the Annis pattern, and I have to say, I’m SO much happier to have knit Thalia! The pattern was a lot of fun to knit. I was a little skeptical at first about the line-by-line instructions, thinking that it would be a pain to follow the pattern, but there’s a very simple logic to them once you get going, and as a result, I didn’t *actually* need to pay close attention to every single line. And the final lace chart was nice and easy to follow. The only mishap I had was running out of yarn just before the bind-off, but that actually worked in my favor…

Pretty pretty greens.

Look how well those greens work together! The contrast bind-off looks absolutely intentional, rather than a desperate attempt to not have to rip back and cut rows. I am just so happy with how it looks!

I can't believe how perfectly the contrast yarn ended up working out!

It’s hard to take photos of yourself wearing a shawl, and the bright sun outside didn’t really help matters, but here’s what it looks like pinned in the front, which is probably what I’ll do for the wedding:

Thalia, pinned in front.

I think it will look lovely with the dress I got to wear for the wedding (in Blue Multi Garden Floral print, which has more yellowy greens to it than it appears in the photo).


I’m hoping to get some nice pictures of my little family all dressed up next weekend, and if I do, I’ll share them here!


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