all’s well that ends well


My cousin’s wedding is quickly approaching, which means that Thalia needs to be finished soon if I want to wear it there! Luckily, last Thursday, I was able to spend nearly the entire day knitting, and knit all the way to the bind-off row…

This is all I have left for the loopy crochet bind-off for Thalia. I'm...not sure it's gonna be enough. What do we think, fellow knitters?

…to find that I only had that tiny little ball of yarn left to execute it. DISASTER!! The Thalia pattern uses a loopy crochet bind off, so I wasn’t at all sure that my little yarn ball would get me there.

So close, and yet so far?

I hemmed and hawed about what to do. I considered ripping back and leaving a plain row out of the edge lace, but didn’t think I could do that without creating a disaster (I hadn’t put a lifeline in or anything). I debated playing yarn-chicken and just going for it with my tiny ball, but couldn’t kick my doubts away. So then I went hunting for another yarn that I could use to bind-off. I love green, so I have a fair number of greens in my stash, but matching greens can be…tricky. These were the best two contenders I found:

Possible bind-off yarns? (Not sure either work...trying to work from stash here.)

The lighter one is Spud & Chloe Fine in “Glow Worm”, and the darker one is the leftover Dream in Color Baby in “Spring Tickle” from my Icarus Shawl and the Flutter Scarf I knit for my mom years ago. The “Glow Worm” was a similarly bright yellowy green, but it was so close-but-not-exact that it just wasn’t going to work, and I figured more contrast was the way to go. The “Spring Tickle” was actually pretty much the SAME green as my main yarn, just in a much darker shade, and ended up working beautifully in the bind-off! (And after knitting that bind-off, I’m even more sure that I made the right call in not trying to finish out with that tiny yarn ball.)

I’m all ready to block the shawl, so expect a post with a finished Thalia shawl soon!


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