more stripes!

Since I don’t have to be on campus this week (it’s finals week, so I’ve just got to read and grade my students’ Portfolios, which I can do at home!), I’m taking advantage of the gorgeous sunlight and access to my knitting projects. It is SO wonderful to be able to sit in the Poang next to the window upstairs and knit! I’ve made quite a bit of progress on my Stripes! cardigan:

Stimpy needed some snuggles.

Stimpy just can’t leave me alone when I have the camera out, so I gave him some snuggles. Here’s another photo:

Stripes! cardigan-in-progress (with cat).

I swear that the fronts actually do meet in the middle – and they certainly will once I add the zipper-facings and zipper. One thing you can tell from the photos is that the rows are long enough on this grown-up sized cardigan that the Chroma changes shade within each color band, on the lefthand side of the sweater. It’s not that bad, and I don’t really mind it, but it’s something worth keeping in mind when/if I write this up, because I’m rather small, which means that for anyone bigger than me, the color changing will be even more significant. But anyway, I’m really delighted with how it’s turning out so far!

loving this yoke.

I just can’t get enough of those garter ridges at the yoke!

can't get enough of these garter ridges!

And I actually love the wrong side of the work almost as much as I love the right one!

Color and texture, oh my!

Color and texture, oh my! I *just* had to join a new ball of Chroma (I was careful to wind off yarn until I got the color that matched, and to check that the color gradient was traveling the correct direction when I joined it), and my ball of Cascade Eco Wool is still going strong!

Stripes! cardigan-in-progress

I have so many (probably TOO many) knitting- and crafting-related plans for this summer, my first summer “off” in well over a decade, and I’m excited to share them with y’all! What’s on YOUR docket for the summer?

2 thoughts on “more stripes!”

  1. I’ve always been a fan of the way two-row color stripes look on the purl side. So much so, in fact, that I’m currently knitting a child’s sweater which takes advantage of just that (Playful Stripes cardigan by Alana Dakos).

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