stripes! (with more false starts)


The weather is finally warming up enough that I can take knitting to the playground with me to work on while M plays in the sandbox! Hooray, Spring!

Knitting at the playground

What you see in that photo is the 3rd? 4th? (I’ve lost track…it’s the “current” one, at any rate) attempt at the Stripes! cardigan I’m knitting for myself using Eco Wool and Knitpicks Chroma. After I finished Seraphim, I turned my attention to planning out a top-down version of the cardigan (as mentioned in this post). I cast on and knit the corrugated rib + vikkel braid collar at our recent Knitting Guild meeting (where Franklin Habit was the guest – he was SO FUN!), and then knit on it every evening during our nightly Parks & Rec viewing (we’re in Season 5 now – gosh, I love this show!)…

Top-down Stripes! Cardigan-in-progress for me :)

…but notice how it seems to be doing a lot of waving/kinking on the needles, and doesn’t want to lay flat? At first, I was blaming that on the needles, but no, it was the knit.

"Trying it on" (as much as one can, when its attached to cable needles that want to kink like crazy)

It just wasn’t going to work. It turns out that my brain is doing a horrible job of turning my usual “bottom up” formula for a yoke (which involves decreases) into a “top-down” formula for a yoke (which would involve increases), and I was increasing far too rapidly. So, I ripped it out and started over (again), and am slowly getting myself back to the point where it was before I ripped (it’s almost there, I just don’t have up-to-date photos). I’ve “tried” the new version on (with it on the needles) and it seems to be working much better. Here’s hoping that by this weekend, I can have a finished yoke, and start working on the body of the sweater…or do y’all think I should knit the sleeves down first?


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