it only took 6 years…

Bundled up in my Seraphim shawl (angora is delightfully warm!)

I finished Seraphim in time to wear it for my birthday this Sunday! I cast on for this shawl, according to Ravelry, in Spring of 2009, only to end up shoving it in a drawer when I’d almost reached the lace patterning and not discovering it again until about a month ago. I’m so glad I finished it. Isn’t it beautiful?

I knit a very pretty triangle!

Here are the details:
Ravelry Project Page
Pattern: Seraphim, by Miriam Felton
Yarn: Fly Designs Flutterby, in Turquoise
Needles: Knitpicks size 3 circulars

The Flutterby yarn was absolutely delightful to knit with – it’s an angora-nylon blend, is amazingly soft, has a gorgeous halo, and barely sheds at all (compared to other experiences I’ve had with angora). I definitely want to knit with it again sometime – it is an absolute delight to wear around my shoulders. So warm, too, which is not exactly the best given that we’re heading into Spring and warmer weather, but I run cold, and there will always be another Winter.

RealCamera shawl photo from this morning.

Blocking shawls is quite a challenge in our house, given the combination of cats, a preschooler, and hardwood floors (no pinnable surfaces!). I was able to rig up my foam tiles from Knitpicks to get enough pinnable surface area in combination with my blocking wires after M went to bed one evening last week, and then we carried the whole thing down to the basement to keep the cats away. Ooof!

Blocking. Goodness, it's hard to block lace in this house.

Alas, the angora didn’t hold the blocking all the well, and the edges are already starting to curl a bit when I wear it the way I prefer to wear triangle shawls.

Seraphim, worn the way I normally wear triangle shawls.

I may decide to add a crochet edging or something to try to counteract that, but I just don’t think it’s in this yarn’s nature to hold a severe blocking. It’s pretty even with the curling, and just so incredibly wonderful to wear around my neck.

Seraphim shawl, lace closeup

I’m not sure if I have any other partially-finished projects stashed away that would be worth finishing, but this one…this one I’m very glad I finished! It was a wonderful birthday present to myself, 6 years in the making. My birthday this Sunday ended up being fantastic – the weather was AMAZING, the service at church was delightfully music-filled, I got to blow out candles on a carrot-cupcake from the batch that A and M made while I was working my butt off giving feedback on my students’ research papers on Saturday, go to hang out with my work friends at a party that evening, and the funniest one: M slept the whole night in her own bed Saturday night, so when she woke up, I told her she’d given me the best birthday present ever by doing that. So then when she slept in her own bed the whole night on Sunday night, the next morning she proudly said, “mama, I gave you another birthday present!” Other funny thing: I jokingly told her that since our gutters (which got torn off by falling ice) were being replaced today, that they were a birthday present for me too, and so now she’s calling them my “birthday gutters”. Because isn’t that what every newly-32 year old wants for her birthday?


One thought on “it only took 6 years…

  1. The shawl is gorgeous, BUT! The Sleeping through the Night!! HUZZAH! Many, many congratulations to you for that one. You must have woken up and felt like you slept for a million years. Happy Birthday, indeed.

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