our low-key crafty easter weekend


Since we celebrate the Equinox and aren’t Christian, Easter isn’t exactly a big deal in our house. But M likes bunnies and is fascinated by the concept of Easter eggs, so we had fun with those good old pagan symbols of fertility and new life. First, M drew a bunch of eggs, and colored them in:

She drew a bunch of "Easter eggs" and now she's coloring them in (while wearing her cape and cowgirl hat, because why not?)

In case you’re wondering, that’s her “superhero-cowgirl-artist” costume…she loves to combine the cowgirl hat that she got at a friend’s birthday party with the cape that I made her for Halloween so that she can be a superhero-cowgirl for whatever activity she’s interested in:

Superhero-cowgirl-artist at work.

She had me cut out the eggs as she colored them in, so that she could “put them in the oven to cook them” (the oven was just one of her baskets). I love watching her work – she’s really developed some good skills in the crayon/marker/pen-holding area in the last month or so and is getting really good at drawing and coloring!

Focused little fingers.

But we didn’t just make colored paper eggs – of course we had to dye some, too! M was fascinated by the process of dissolving the little color pellets in vinegar:

Getting ready to dye some eggs (yes, that's pumped milk in the background - we discovered a cache of VERY old stuff in our freezer and are thawing/dumping!)

She’d been talking all weekend about how she wanted to make a purple egg…

Maddy dropped 2 tablets into the same glass jar, so she's gonna get a red-purple. (Yeah, we're using a Paas kit...next year, we'll do the natural dye thing, I think!)

…so then of course, in her impatience, she threw the red pellet in with the purple one instead of putting it in its own jar, and thus killed any possibility of having a purple egg – that red dye definitely won out!

Patience is not a strong suit. (Can we dye them yet? Now? Now?)

M found it very hard to wait for the moment when we finally put the eggs into the jars to dye – and we ended up cracking one in the process. Oh well, just an extra snack! These glass jam jars (leftover from the jam that A eats) were perfect for dying eggs.

They're in!

The colors turned out beautifully dark and somewhat earth-toned, because the eggs we hard-boiled were brown-shelled. The next morning (actual Easter), she was VERY excited to find her eggs in the basket!

Enjoying "her" egg (daddy wrote her initials on it with white crayon before dyeing it)

We wrote initials on the eggs with white crayons before dyeing them, so that red one really is hers. Here’s mine:

My egg :)

Much to our surprise, M (who has gotten incredibly picky about food in the last few months) dug right into her egg – she wouldn’t eat the yolk, but the rest was gobbled right up:

Eating her egg. (I'm actually kind of shocked that Miss Picky dove into her hard boiled egg! She won't eat the yolk, but she gobbled up the rest.)

In her Easter basket, she got just three things (other than the eggs): a book (called “Pelle’s New Suit” – it is WONDERFUL!!), a whale-shaped nail brush (she loves scrubbing and goodness does she ever get gunk under her fingernails), and a coloring book.

Her low-key Easter things (we just celebrated the Equinox, after all!): a nail brush, a cute book about a boy and his lamb, and a coloring book.

She was so excited about her coloring book that she colored it with BOTH hands!

Two-handed coloring book action!

I was interested to see that her crayon grip was just as good in her left hand as in her right. Perhaps she’ll be like me (I’m sort of mixed-handed; fairly ambidextrous, but right-dominant for writing and other stuff I learned in school, and left-dominant for things like needle-threading and other stuff that I taught myself).

I was also a busy little crafter over the weekend, and knit like crazy on my Seraphim shawl, even when my lap was occupied by M…

My lap is VERY full (with M plus my knitting!)

…and last night, before bed, I finished the bind-off!

I might've knit like a crazy person today - the shawl is finished! Just gotta figure out how to block it. This thing is WARM!

I just have to figure out where/how to block it! It is beautiful, and WARM! I’m so glad I found this project after it got buried in drawer for nearly 6 years, and I can’t wait to wear it…perhaps I’ll have it blocked in time to wear it for my birthday next Sunday!


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