first week of spring wasn’t very springy…

Oh, Winter, you just don't want to let go, do you?

…but I did get some knitting progress in, so there’s that. M’s school had their “Spring Celebration” on Friday, so I got some Seraphim-knitting time in during the time between drop-off and the event itself (since there was no point driving elsewhere only to not be able to park when we returned).

Knitting while waiting for the Spring Celebration to start. (Just like last year, except a different project!)

I love that this photo almost perfectly recreates the one in my blog header – same outfit, same background…just a different project! I’m so delighted with how Seraphim is turning out so far, but before we get to that, how about some cute pictures of M in her Spring Celebration outfit?

Cutie patootie with her duster.

She loves having me braid her hair and clip it up behind her hair (kind of like how I used to wear mine, back when it was long), and it looks SO cute on her! The only way I could get her to sit still was to give her a duster to “work” with…and eventually I actually got her to look at the camera!

Finally, she looks at the camera!

But back to Seraphim…I’m almost finished with Chart 2, and it is looking AMAZING in this turquoise angora yarn!

Almost done with Chart 2, backlit. #seraphim

I’m so, so excited to finish it so that I can wear it, although it’ll probably be awhile yet, since every row takes quite a long time now.

So happy with how this is turning out. Excited to finish it (eventually...each row takes forever now!)

Oh well – I’ll have it for next fall/winter, at least!

I also made progress on the stripey socks I’ve been knitting for M. I present Stripey Sock the First:

Stripey sock number one.

I am SO tickled with how perfectly the stripes worked out for the garter stitch short-rowed heel and toe! The heel seems to stay put a bit better on M’s foot than the heel-flap on the purple socks does, so I think I’ll stick with garter short-row heels (and toes) for her socks for now. And now that I know how many stripes make for a sock that fits M (over 52 stitches – the heel and toe were knit over 26), knitting Stripey Sock the Second should be a breeze!

Beginnings of Stripey Sock number 2

Here’s hoping the weather warms up in time for my birthday (2 weeks from today) – I’d love to be able to spend some time outside to celebrate!


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