long lost WIP

The other day, while I was digging through a drawer looking for something else, a bright blue knit caught my eye.

So unbelievably soft

It turned out to be Seraphim, which (according to that Ravelry link) I cast on for back in May of 2009! How’s that for a long-lost project? Once I spotted it, I knew I had to finish it – the bright blue angora yarn was just too deliciously soft and I want to be able to wear it on my shoulders NOW!

So unbelievably soft. I'm excited to finish off this Seraphim that's been languishing in a drawer, forgotten since 2009, apparently!

I wanted to get knitting right away, but couldn’t find my copy of the pattern – I bought it pre-Ravelry, and didn’t have a digital copy. But fortunately, I was able to ask the designer (who I’m friends with on Twitter) and she helpfully supplied me with one. Upon reading it, I figured out that I was only about 20 rows from the start of the lace charts! So I took off:

Shawl-in-progress, in a sunbeam. This is the long-forgotten Seraphim shawl, and I'm only 3 rows from starting the charts now. This bright blue angora yarn is so lovely!

Except I actually was only 10 rows away, it turned out…but I was able to fudge the charts enough to make up for my mis-counting. I’m really delighted with how it’s looking!


I can’t wait to add this shawl to my neck-adornment collection of 2015! (You know, only 6 years after I started it!)

2 thoughts on “long lost WIP”

  1. Dang, that yarn looks amazing! What is it? Normally I shy away from angora because it tends to mat, but this one looks nice!

    1. It’s Flydesigns Flutterby, and it is WONDERFUL. It’s an angora-nylon blend, so it’s sturdy (for light fingerweight angora, at least) and it’s cloud-soft without being terribly sheddy. So far, no matting – just softness.


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