square number 10


It was hidden in the background in my last post, so I thought I’d show it off in a post of its very own:

Square number 10 - just 2 more left to knit!

I love the way that blue/purple region just GLOWS – it’s incredible. This colorway of Noro is so fantastic, and it’s sad that it got discontinued. On the bright side, I found a whole bunch more of it in my stash (I “inherited” it from an acquaintance who had quite a bit of it), so I’ve definitely got enough to make the remaining two squares for the blanket, plus maybe a couple more to turn into pillows. Or I could use it for something else…who knows?

Speaking of those final two squares, I started Square Number 11 while I was in the waiting room during my husband’s medical procedure this past Monday:

Knitting in the waiting room. My hands are still kinda wibbly from all the shoveling.

It’s definitely on the more riotous side, color-wise, than Square Number 10, but they’ll both be perfectly lovely in the blanket, I’m sure.

(The medical procedure, by the way, confirmed that my husband is suffering from Ulcerative Colitis, which didn’t entirely come as a surprise, alas. Poor guy! There’s a lot for us to learn about managing his condition, getting him out of this flare as quickly as possible, getting medicine at discounted rates, and all of that…it’s kind of overwhelming. And now we both have chronic autoimmune issues, so poor M is probably doomed on that front. Sorry, kiddo! But…she’ll be living in the future by the time she’d probably have to deal with either a connective-tissue related or gut-related chronic disease, so I’m hopeful for her!)


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