things i make for *ME*: Frisson!

Finished Frisson!

Blocking worked wonders! I’m really delighted with this new shawl, my first FO of 2015. Details below:

Ravelry Project Page
Pattern: Frisson
Yarn: A Piece of Vermont Yarn & Fiber Superwash Merino/Bamboo/Nylon Sock (I’ve had it in my stash for ages!)
Needles: size 4 circulars
Time to knit: about 3 weeks

Frisson turned out lovely!

I’m on a bit of a mission this year to add to my collection of handknit neck-adornment devices, and this fits the bill nicely. Purple is a color I’ve been wearing more and more of, especially since M was born, but I didn’t have any purple accessories. I do now! This purple merino/bamboo/nylon sock yarn has been sitting around in my stash for YEARS now, stubbornly refusing to turn into socks (perhaps because I’ve pretty much stopped knitting socks, eh?), and really, I think that’s all for the better, because this stuff feels really nice around my neck. Very silky! I’m not sure I’d like it as socks, frankly.

Froze my butt off taking photos, but I'm really happy about my new shawl :)

I do worry a little that given how petite I am, these long biased triangle shawls end up being a little overwhelming on me. It’s actually a bit shocking how much shawl came out of a single skein of sock yarn – I suppose the eyelet sections help with that! So I think I may focus my attentions on smaller neck-adornment devices – perhaps a cowl will be next, but whether it’s one from a pattern or one that I make up remains to be seen.

Last photo, I promise!
Cold, but happy, in my Frisson

But I do get a lot of wear out of my Icarus shawl, which is a more traditional triangle shape. I often wear it with the point in front (though I fold the top edge down to get a sort of cowl-effect with it), and I get lots of compliments on it. So perhaps another more traditional triangle shawl would be a good thing to make. If you’re a friend of mine on Ravelry, you might’ve seen me go on a bit of a shawl/cowl/scarf queueing spree over the last few days. I’m particularly excited about the 54 Rue du Chateau collection that came out this week. How gorgeous are those shawls?! I think my favorite might be Tanguy, but they’re all pretty amazing. Who knows when or if I’ll ever knit one of them, but gosh, they’re lovely.


8 thoughts on “things i make for *ME*: Frisson!

    • Thank you! I’ve been so surprised by how much I like the way I look in purple – I’ve always thought of myself as a blues-and-greens sort of person (and I do still love those colors), but purple is pretty awesome.

  1. I think it’s beautiful! Great color for you, too.
    You don’t show any full-body photos in this post, but I don’t see the pattern overwhelming you at all.
    I really love cowls, the bigger and warmer the better. I have several and no plans to stop making them ;)

    • Thank you! I guess I just worry because the ends of the shawl go down to my hips (which is actually more of a “getting caught in things” problem than anything), but maybe you’re right! The more I wear it, the more I think I want to make another one just like it (except a different color). I do think some cowls are in my near future, though :)

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