On Monday, I bound off my Frisson shawl:

Finished my Frisson. It's curling like mad, which I hope blocking will resolve. (Don't feel up to blocking it tonight, though.)
(wearing an unblocked shawl and forced smile, because migraine)

Boy, did it ever need blocking! It was curling like mad, which I can only hope that blocking resolves. It’s still currently drying, so no “truly finished” photo yet (maybe this weekend I can take some with my “real” camera, which is getting to be so old that the photos it produces only outshine those from my iPhone when there’s really good light).

I ran into a bit of a problem towards the end, when the Chiagoo needles I was using (which I purchased at the LYS up in Winona, because I’d forgotten to bring appropriately-sized needles on the trip with me!) started splintering and catching on every stitch!

Not a fan of the way this Chiagoo needle is splintering and catching on every stitch :( Gotta find my other size 4 circs and switch.

Thankfully, I’m a bit of a needle-hoarder, and had a spare (Knitpicks) size 4 circular (well, actually, size 4 tips for my interchangeable set) at home, so it wasn’t too hard to get back on track. The Knitpicks Rainbow Wood needles remain my favorites – nice and pointy, and smooth, and I’ve never had one splinter before. (But I also haven’t tried a huge variety of needles, so there may be even better ones out there. I know I can’t use nickel-plated needles, because I have one heck of a nickel allergy!).

I’m pretty excited to see what the shawl looks like once it’s finished blocking. I’m hoping it works well for me – I could really use a purple “neckwarming device” as part of my wardrobe. (You’ll recall that I’m making an effort to use my knitting and sewing skills to craft new, useful wardrobe items this year).

In related news, I’ve also made some (very small) progress towards my goal to sew things for Madrigal. I don’t recall how I came across it, but this Mini Hudson Pant pattern from True Bias is pretty much the perfect pant for M – it’s loose around the waist/bottom, but snugger (and banded) at the bottom so that she’s not tripping on it. And it has POCKETS! What remains to be seen is whether I can actually sew her a pair – I’ve never sewn with knits before, but it’s something I’ve been wanting to tackle, so I do plan to give it a try soon.

To close this post, last night M decided that she wanted to work on a “project”. This usually means that she wants to get out the bucket full of craft supplies that she got from her friend Sasha for her birthday, and use a glue stick to glue pompoms to construction paper. And so that’s what she did. This time, though, she told me that she was making this project “for EVERYONE”, and insisted that I take a photo of it to share it with my friends. So, dear friends, here is M’s project:

Madrigal says she "made this project to share with EVERYONE" and insisted I take a photo to share with my friends :)

It’s for you! Enjoy!

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