Winter Break 2014, Part 3: New Year

On the 27th, we got up nice and early and headed to the airport for the first leg of our trip to Minnesota to visit my family. M was a very helpful little traveler (at first, at least!), and even carried her own luggage!

Little traveler. #winterbreak2014

The flight was pretty uneventful, thankfully!

Plane ride! (We're at Midway, now). #winterbreak2014

After that, we took the Orange Line from Midway to Union Station, where we had a few hours to kill waiting for our train. We had storytime…

Storytime in the Great Hall (Union Station) #winterbreak2014

…dancetime (M loved the Great Hall!)…

Little girl in a Great Hall.

…and snacktime:

Snack time at Union Station. #winterbreak2014

Next up was the train ride, which M really loved!

On the train! #winterbreak2014

We had so much fun looking out the window together!

Trains are fun! #winterbreak2014

She also loved having the freedom to take walks…the train is certainly slower than flying, but so much more family-friendly! (And really, given our destination, it ISN’T slower than flying, since my parents live over 2 hours from the airport we’d need to fly into).

I was worried on our way up, because it had been so strangely warm, and one of the things M was *really* excited about was the prospect of learning to use snowshoes with grandpa! But fortunately (for us, at least), they did get some snow the day before we arrived, so the next day, we went snowshoeing!

Ready for snowshoeing! #winterbreak2014

She was very excited to take her first snowshoe steps!

First snowshoe steps! #winterbreak2014

And she had a lot of fun with her snowshoe instructor (grandpa!)

With grandpa, her snowshoe instructor :) #winterbreak2014

The next day, we made homemade peanut butter together. M *loves* to help in the kitchen (and grandma and grandpa even have a Learning Tower!), and she was especially proud to be able to push the correct buttons on the food processor.

Making peanut butter with grandma.

Grandma and grandpa also have a fireplace, so we got to spend some warm cuddly time next to it.

Hanging out by the fire :) #winterbreak2014

New Year’s Eve was pretty uneventful, but we did go down to the library (gosh, I miss this library! I have so many fond memories here), where M got to work with letter-tracing:

Practicing letters at the Winona Public Library (I miss this library a lot!) #winterbreak2014

They also had a table still set up (from a party at noon, which we didn’t go to) for kids to make and take their own noisemakers to celebrate!

Happy New Year!! #omg2015

But really, New Years Eve when you’re 3 is just another day :)

On New Years Day, we drove up to Eau Claire, Wisconsin, to visit my brother and his family. Oddly, I don’t seem to have taken any photos while we were there, but I do have a picture of the hat and mitten set I knit for E:

Niece E's hat and mitten set, finished!!

The Wee Envelope sweater from a few posts back is for her sister-to-be (by sometime in early February). I also managed to start a knitting project for myself – Frisson, in an ages-old bamboo-blend sock yarn from my stash. I’m really enjoying it so far!

New year, new project (Frisson, out of some ages-old bamboo-blend sock yarn from my stash)

We only spent one night in Eau Claire. On the 3rd, we started our return trip, which I’ll save for my next post…it was quite the Odyssey!

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