Wee Envelope! And some other things!


I blocked Wee Envelope this weekend, and it looks awesome!

Wee Envelope!

I am pretty darned pleased with how my little nupp-star motif came out…and it makes me so happy that nieceling’s Wee Envelope is personalized.

Wee Envelope in the window

It is so WEE!

Wee Envelope is finished!

The added star is a pretty obvious modification, but I made a few others (because I just can’t stop myself from modifying patterns – it’s how I roll). I ran a purled faux-seam stitch down each side, and then split it to form the hems, which I edged in i-cord:

another mod to Wee Envelope

I’m a sucker for a split hem, particularly if it allows me to knit garter stitch flat. I just think garter stitch hems look better when split (I think this is a preference I first developed back in my gansey-obsessed phased, several years ago). They lay better, to my eye. And I just can’t NOT edge garter stitch with i-cord. It’s like, a law or something. So I’m pretty tickled with how that mod worked out, too.

I have a decent amount of yarn leftover (since I knit the newborn size), and thinking about stars and nupps and eyelets got some gears spinning in my head, and, well, sometimes when I get a bee in my bonnet about something, I just can’t think about anything else (like, say, the stack of Portfolios I need to grade) until I try it out. And this time, the figurative bee was about a literal bonnet:

Sometimes I get an idea and can't think about anything else until I try it out. (Star, knit from center out, to become a baby bonnet, I hope)

See, I had this idea about knitting a star from the center outward, and how that would result in a pentagon shape, and how a pentagon shape was basically exactly the sort of shape you’d want for the back panel of a bonnet, and, well. It turns out I can knit a star from the center out by knitting completely by the seat of my pants, and it looks pretty cute! So…I think the niecelet might be getting a matching bonnet. We’ll see. Because there’s also a couple of hats for nieces in the works, one of which I cast on for this weekend:

Working on S's hat

This is the one for my older (4.5yo) niece, S, whose noggin (assuming the measurements her mama sent me are correct) is not that much smaller than mine! Here’s hoping that my pattern + the measurements in my email go together to make a hat that actually fits her! And ideally, a set of mittens, too, though goodness gracious, Christmas is not far away! And I’d like to knit a set for my younger (not quite 1.5yo) niece, E, too…but hers can be a New Years present, which gives me an extra week.

Have I mentioned the totally insane winter trip we’re making this year? It’s the same one as last year, except this time, after driving to visit my in-laws in Ohio for Christmas, we’re going to hop on a plane, fly to Chicago, and then transfer to a train to get up to Winona, MN to visit over New Years, and then we’ll come back through Ohio, and drive home to NY. We’ll be gone for two weeks. Last year, we drove the WHOLE way, and it was pretty much as awful as you can imagine 40+ hours in a car with a toddler would be, so I’m hoping that the plane/train leg will make things less awful. On the train, at least, we can all walk around, and I think that will help a LOT!


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