knitting for niecelings


I have grand plans for gift knitting this year, at least as far as my nieces are concerned:

nieceling gift-knitting!

There’s the Wee Envelope-in-progress for the nieceling-in-progress, of course. I actually picked up the stitches for the body and started knitting it down from the yoke yesterday afternoon. Still tentatively planning to insert a nupp/lace motif in the center front, but I don’t have to decide for a few more rounds!

But I’m also planning to knit hat and mitten sets (from the pattern I’ve written based on the ones I made for M, of course!) for my other two nieces. I sent their parents a copy of the pattern, requested that they send me back the relevant measurements, and asked for the girls’ favorite colors.

Yarn for nieceling gifts!

The purple (Malabrigo Worsted in “Cuarzo”) is for E, and the blue (Malabrigo Worsted in “Blue Surf”) is for S. The two colors look so incredible next to each other, don’t you think? I’m kind of madly in love with them. So excited to actually knit the hats and mittens – they’re quick knits, though I’m a little nervous I won’t actually finish before gifting-time arrives…the end of semester push is here and it is INTENSE. (For example, this afternoon, I have 9 back-to-back meetings with students. I stupidly didn’t even build in bathroom breaks. It’s going to be…uncomfortable.)

Once I’m done with the gift knitting, I do think it’d be nice to knit something for me. And on that note, a very exciting book arrived last week:

knitting goodies

As the founding member of the (now defunct, I think – I’ve been an absentee moderator since M was born, at least) Society for the Appreciation of Yoked Sweaters, how could I *not* get Kate Davies’ new book on Yokes? I am absolutely swooning over the sweater on the cover (and a few of the others on the inside, along with all of the history she’s written about!) We’ll see if I ever make the time.


2 thoughts on “knitting for niecelings

  1. Those are going to be beautiful! I love the colors, and Malabrigo is so cozy. I am tempted by Yokes since I love the stranded colorwork designs, but I find the shaping of Kate Davies’ sweaters very unflattering for me. Most of her designs make it look like people have very low chests!!!

    • I’ve noticed that about her designs, too – but it’s a place where I think I’ll be able to use my design knowledge to create a sweater that fits me well using her patterns as “inspiration” more than as a fixed set of rules to follow.


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