in which I am smitten with Cormo and a wee sweater…


The second I saw Ysolda’s Wee Envelope, I was smitten. When I started plotting the sweater I’d knit for my newest niece (due early next year), it was at the top of my list. When I asked about colors, the request was for yellow, and lucky me, I found the perfect yellow in the exact yarn that’s called for in the pattern, “Mohonk” from Jill Draper Makes Stuff (the color is “Straw Into Gold”) – a minimally-processed Cormo wool. I’ve actually never gotten to knit with Cormo before, so I was pretty excited to try it.

yarn for nieceling's sweater

I cast on for the sweater on M’s birthday, and OMG, y’all, Cormo is amazing!

I started nieceling's sweater today. OMG OMG this Mohonk yarn is amazing! I <3 Cormo, apparently.

Seriously, this yarn…oh my goodness! It is just delightful to knit with…perfectly wooly and soft, but not so soft that it seems like it’s going to fall apart. I think it might be my new favorite.

OMG, I love Cormo

The pattern is pretty delightful, too. Such clever construction! I am completely smitten.

in which I am smitten with the Wee Envelope-in-progress

The sweater seems impossibly tiny, though! I can’t remember M ever being this small, but I know she was, at least for a little while. (Not for long, though, my little giant!). Last night, I was able to finish the back yoke, and began knitting the other sleeve. I’m really excited to pick up the stitches and knit the body downward from the yoke…and actually, I might end up “customizing” this Wee Envelope a bit, with a nupp/lace design in the center of the body, to go along with the sweaters I knit for this nieceling’s sisters, Emma, Adelynn and Abigail. There’s a teensy part of me that feels slightly guilty about using a pattern for this sweater instead of designing something bespoke for her, as I did for her sisters (I know it’s ridiculous, I just have this THING about designing)…so that might be a way for me to compromise. I mean, Wee Envelope is just a kind of irresistible pattern, and it DOES have that great blank canvas of a body, ripe for customization. So that’s the plan.

Speaking of plans, Madrigal saw me knitting this very wee Wee Envelope, and I showed her the pattern, and she said she wanted a sweater JUST LIKE it, except blue. Well, the pattern does go up to 4T (and heck, I think I’m clever enough to upsize it if necessary), and I do have a bunch of Knitpicks Telemark (sportweight) in a lovely teal blue…

plotting M's less-Wee Envelope

…so I just might be plotting a not-so-Wee Envelope for M after I finish this one. It’d be really stinking cute on her, don’t you think?


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