Thanksgiving, 2014!


This year, we celebrated Thanksgiving at home. With M’s birthday being so close to Thanksgiving (in fact, next year, it will BE Thanksgiving), and the unpredictability of weather along the lake, and the absolutely horrendous timing of the holiday for those of us working in academia…we probably will have quiet Thanksgivings at home for the foreseeable future. I’m fine with that!

We made pretty much the same feast that I posted about years ago, but this year, we had the cutest sous-chef:

Helping us make biscuits.

She loves working with her new rolling pin! And she was good, if slightly impatient, at cutting out the biscuits, too:

Cutting out biscuits.

It was nice to have our simple, low-key Thanksgiving together…

Thanksgiving dinner.

And since we were only serving the three of us, we’ve gotten to have delicious leftovers these past few days. Yum!


The remainder of the weekend, I spent giving my students feedback on their 8-10 page research papers. I had an “assistant”, since M wasn’t in school…

Toddlers: not conducive to getting work done :(

It turns out that giving useful feedback to 30 students, most of whom are non-native speakers, over a span of just 3 days takes an AWFUL lot out of a person, especially when combined with parenting an overstimulated toddler. Next year, I’ll plan my class differently, so that I don’t have to spend M’s birthday/Thanksgiving glued to a computer screen…

More feedbacking, this time on the couch. (Out-of-focus is appropriate; I'm having the hardest time focusing thanks to the sleep deprivation regimen M is inflicting on us).

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I’m so thankful for my life right now – my family, my job, the person I’ve become, my friends, my students…I am just so grateful, for all of it.


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