a kind of hilarious “FO” photo…

Look what arrived in the mail today! #officiallyPhD

A couple of weeks ago, my diploma arrived in the mail. Since I defended in the summer, my official degree conferral took place at a board meeting in October, though I can still walk in the Commencement in May (and since I still live here, I probably will, if my advisor’s interested in participating!)

So, here it is. That piece of paper I worked long and hard for. I think the disinterested toddler and cat walking through the background of the photo really do a lot to capture the reality of my life. I may have a Ph.D now, but to the kid and the cats? It’s just a boring (if strangely enormous) piece of paper. Way less exciting than a cup of milk and the prospect of dinner :)


5 thoughts on “a kind of hilarious “FO” photo…

  1. They’ll be proud of you later. Well, Maddy will. The cat will continue to be more concerned with feeding time. In the meantime, I do enjoy the visual representation of “life goes on” you’ve got going on there. And in any case, congratulations!

  2. My diploma is tiny!! It’s so disappointing. Everyone I know has these giant pieces of paper and mine is not even the size of regular letter paper. Phooey :)
    Anyway, congrats! It must be a good feeling to have it in hand.

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