#tbt the FIRST time M voted with me ;) [310.365]

#tbt: the FIRST time M voted with me :)

This picture still cracks me up. M’s been voting with me since the 2011 elections :)


a kind of hilarious “FO” photo…

Look what arrived in the mail today! #officiallyPhD

A couple of weeks ago, my diploma arrived in the mail. Since I defended in the summer, my official degree conferral took place at a board meeting in October, though I can still walk in the Commencement in May (and since I still live here, I probably will, if my advisor’s interested in participating!)

So, here it is. That piece of paper I worked long and hard for. I think the disinterested toddler and cat walking through the background of the photo really do a lot to capture the reality of my life. I may have a Ph.D now, but to the kid and the cats? It’s just a boring (if strangely enormous) piece of paper. Way less exciting than a cup of milk and the prospect of dinner :)