things i make for maddy: mittens!

modeling the mittens for mama

I decided to use the leftovers from M’s hat to make her a pair of matching mittens. I traced M’s hand, and used it as a “template”, knitting the mitten from the top down:

Making a mitten for M from her hat-leftovers.

They were a really quick knit…I was soon onto mitten #2:

one mitten down, one to go.

The mittens have a row of eyelets above a short-rowed garter stitch cuff. The eyelets aren’t simply decorative – I intended to run a string through them so that I could tie the mittens together and string them through the sleeves of M’s jacket.

The thumb was created by casting on some stitches using the backwards loop method, and then picking up the cast-on loops and knitting upward – you can’t even tell where the picked up stitches are, I swear!

a pair of mittens for M

The short-rowed garter stitch cuff was designed to mimic the short-rowed garter stitch brim of M’s hat, and it’s split on the side to make for easier on-off. The cuff is edged in i-cord, just like the hat that inspired it.

She loves her mittens, and wanted to wear them all the time this weekend!

modeling the mittens for mama

Sadly, one of them has already gone missing – I (stupidly!) let her wear them to school yesterday morning. I’d meant to thread the string through them first so that they couldn’t get lost, but just plain forgot…and she came home with one last night. The missing one may still turn up somewhere, but for now, I think I’ll knit a third one…and she definitely isn’t going to get to wear them anywhere until they’re tied together! Actually, I think I’ll treat mitten #3 as a test-knit for writing up a pattern – I’d like to publish a pattern of “recipes” for the hat and mitten set, because they’re super cute, very practical and also quick knits!

Important last-minute addendum: the missing mitten has been found!

They found the mitten! (M had stuck it in her teacher's bag!)

It was in her teacher’s bag – M must have put it in there yesterday. Sneaky kiddo! I’m so relieved that I don’t need to knit her a third one – tonight I’ll make up a crochet-chain to attach the mittens to each other (and thread them through her jacket sleeves) so that we don’t have a lost-mitten scare like this again!


lost mitten, found! [309.365]

They found the mitten! (M had stuck it in her teacher's bag!)

M’s teacher greeted me at the door with this mitten – she’d found it in her bag when she got home, and realized it was M’s handknit mitten. Sneaky kiddo, hiding mittens in her teacher’s bag! I’m just so relieved that it was found. I crocheted a chain and threaded it through the eyelets so that now the two mittens are tied together and strung through M’s sleeves…no more missing mittens!