Super Madrigal 2.0 gets a cape from mama!

this kid. i love her so.
This kid. How I love her!

Madrigal decided a few weeks back that she wanted to be “superkitty” for Halloween. She was very particular about what this would involve: kitty ears, and a purple and red cape. We took her to Joann fabric, where she picked out the particular purple and red fleece colors that she wanted, and we found the most perfect clip-on kitty ears:

Went to Joann to get fleece to make her "super kitty" cape, and found clip-on cat ears. Perfect!

I made up a pattern, basing the size on one of M’s jackets, and drew it directly onto the fleece before cutting it. I also freehanded a “logo” based on her initials (MW – she has the best initials, doesn’t she? Same upside down as rightside up, and always a cool zig-zag!), which I sewed onto the cape:

Sewing M's cape.

(For the record: this was probably the first time I’ve ever sewn an entire project without any crying! Go me!)

I also stitched a red “collar-lining” around the loop at the front, both for added decoration and to make the neckline a bit sturdier.

Finished cape! (With cat)

It turned out that the neck opening was quite a bit too big, but nothing a pair of hairclips couldn’t fix! (And the clip-on kitty ears worked perfectly as add-ons to her hat!)

Super Madrigal 2.0 enjoys a mini-apple at Wegmans.

She wore her costume at the Museum of Play on Halloween:

Superkitty enjoys trains :)
Superkitty enjoys trains

And all through the weekend, by which point she’d decided that instead of “superkitty”, she was “Super Madrigal 2.0”:

Super Madrigal 2.0 ponders the car headlights.

Super Madrigal 2.0 has no need for pants (but she did insist on wearing her superhero undies – she picked out the “Wonder Woman/Batgirl/Supergirl” undies set after she earned them by mastering the potty!):

super madrigal 2.0 has no need for pants

I asked her to smile for me, and got this crazy face:

super madrigal 2.0 interrupts the photo session

I think she’ll get a lot of wear out of this cape (especially with the unintentionally oversized neck opening!), and I’m really proud of being able to throw it together with my honestly fairly meager sewing skills!


we voted! [307.365]

We voted!

We voted after work today (so dark outside!). M “helped” me vote, and got a little sticker, and she adorably kept calling herself a “little voter”. Kiddo, just 16 more years and you’ll be able to cast your own votes instead of trying to grab the marker out of mama’s hand while she votes. (Poor thing’s gonna be almost as old as you can possibly be while not being able to vote, what with her late November birthday!)