Super Madrigal 2.0 gets a cape from mama!

This kid. How I love her! Madrigal decided a few weeks back that she wanted to be "superkitty" for Halloween. She was very particular about what this would involve: kitty ears, and a purple and red cape. We took her to Joann fabric, where she picked out the particular purple and red fleece colors that… Continue reading Super Madrigal 2.0 gets a cape from mama!


we voted! [307.365]

We voted after work today (so dark outside!). M "helped" me vote, and got a little sticker, and she adorably kept calling herself a "little voter". Kiddo, just 16 more years and you'll be able to cast your own votes instead of trying to grab the marker out of mama's hand while she votes. (Poor… Continue reading we voted! [307.365]