first (mini) apple pie! [305.365]

My first (mini) apple pie! Not the most beautiful, but very, very tasty. I'm proud of it! (There are 3 more where this came from.)

We did a TON of baking on Sunday (some of it our usual weekly baking, some extra stuff for M’s school’s Election Day bake sale). One of the things I decided to tackle was apple pie – we had a bunch of apples left over from apple-picking that needed to be used NOW, and I just got a mini pie pan set that makes 4 mini pies, and I thought M would have fun helping roll out the dough with her little rolling pin (she did).

I’d never made pie dough from scratch before, though, so I was a little nervous! I followed Smitten Kitchen’s Pie Crust 102 directions and though the resulting pies were not the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen (I’ll get better at crimping the edges with practice, I think!), the pie-enthusiast in the family (that would be A) declared the crust “perfect”. I’m so silly-proud of myself over this pie!