matchy. [302.365]

Snuggling in our garter rib cardigans.

M asked for a sweater when we got home from school today, and told me she wanted her sweater that’s “like mama’s today”. So we snuggled on the couch in our matching garter rib cardigans. One of these days I really, really want to write up the series of “mama-kiddo” matching (or at least semi-matching) designs that I’ve cooked up in my head. It could be a really awesome e-book. Except that I probably don’t have time to put it together, and I’m basically completely incompetent about marketing myself, so it’s not like I’d make enough money to make the work worth it. Probably. But gosh, my head is just bursting with designs right now, and some of them (like Garter Rib here, which needs a way better name) are even partially written up, it’s just…my life is so full already!


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