things i make *with* maddy: roasted potatoes!

Oven-roasted potatoes, made by M (with just a little help from mama). I hope we baked them long enough - I was kind of winging that part!

Madrigal recently moved up into the Children’s House community at her Montessori school. In her last few months in the Toddler community, she started taking on a lot more responsibility in her classroom, and doing more challenging work, as one of the “big kids” in the room. One of the activities she especially loved was making roasted potatoes for her classmates. Yesterday afternoon, I decided to give the activity a try at home with a couple of potatoes we had sitting around.

First, I set up M’s table in our kitchen with a tray, a bowl of water, and a colander nestled into a dry bowl. She used her Mini Vegetable Brush (link is to “For Small Hands”, an excellent resource for child-size tools of all kinds) to scrub the pair of potatoes clean. Very clean. My girl, she loves scrubbing!


(Quite a bit of water ended up on the floor during this part, but hey, that’s what towels are for!)

Then, I used the “big knife” (our chef’s knife) to slice the potatoes into ~1cm slices. I gave them, along with the cutting board, back to M, and she used her Wavy Chopper to cut them into (rough) quarters.

Potato chopping!

Then, we got put a bit of olive oil into a small prep bowl, along with a pastry brush, and put some Lowry’s seasoning salt in another prep bowl. We took turns “painting” the olive oil onto each side of the potato pieces, and then sprinkling them with salt before placing them on a cookie sheet.

(There are no pictures of that part, because oily fingers plus iPhone camera = bad idea!)

Then we put them in the oven. (M knows to stay back when the oven door is open; when she’s older, we’ll teach her how to use it safely, but she’s not quite there yet in terms of her impulse control and coordination.) I was kind of winging this part. I’d heated the oven to 475F, and then put the sheet in for 15 minutes. Except I forgot to press “Start” on the timer, so I don’t actually know how long they were in, because M and I had started doing dishes together (she’s really good at this, too!) before I realized there was no timer. Then I took them out, flipped them (a few stuck because they hadn’t been sufficiently oiled), and stuck them back in for another 15 minutes, this time actually remembering to start the timer. Then we took them off the pan with the spatula and divvied them out onto our plates to eat with omelets for dinner. Speaking of which, I bet omelet-making is something that M is almost ready to try!

They were totally delicious, by the way! And M and I had a lot of fun (and made a lot of mess, and cleaned a lot of mess) together, and we both got to feel useful, and that’d be worth it even if they hadn’t turned out as yummy as they did.


2 thoughts on “things i make *with* maddy: roasted potatoes!

  1. You know, growing up, I always thought of Montessori schools as a bit… I don’t know, out there or something. But the more I learn about them as an adult, the more I’m jealous of kids who got to go to them. I never made roasted potatoes at school, and certainly not when I was 3! That’s amazing to me.

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