walkway over the hudson. [292.365]

Me and my girl on the Walkway Over the Hudson on a VERY windy morning!

As has become our tradition, on Sunday morning, we stopped by the Walkway over the Hudson to take in the gorgeous views of the Hudson River. It was INSANELY windy, and the temperature had dropped about 20 degrees overnight, so it wasn’t actually the most pleasant walk we’ve ever had, but gosh, the Hudson River Valley is so damned pretty this time of year.

Of the rest of Sunday, the less said the better. WORST CAR TRIP OF M’S ENTIRE LIFE (and thus also of mine). I have scratches and bruises, and that’s just the physical injuries. Goodness gracious, I hope we’re at peak awfulness as far as car trips go – I think adding “newly diaper-free” to the mix didn’t help anything (she’s pretty solid with pottying, but wow did that ever add a layer of stress!), but she’s also just at a very boundary-testing age, and has no impulse control (because, you know, not even 3 yet), and is so very big that she can do a lot of damage when she’s acting out. Funtimes. (Gosh, I hope we can save up for a Subaru Forester this year, because having a bit more space in the backseat, and the ability to put M in one of the side seats instead of the middle, would make things less miserable, too!)


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