rhinebeck, 2014. [291.365]

maddy, the monster, and me

Saturday at Rhinebeck was GLORIOUS! The weather was perfect (a little cooler than they’d been forecasting earlier in the week), I got to see SO MANY friends, and M was just so stinking cute in her handknits I could hardly stand it.

Here she is rocking out to the pan-flute music, which she (unlike most Rhinebeck-goers, apparently) absolutely loves:


And with her favorite leaf, which she did not want to put down:

she really didn't want to put this leaf down.

(I know where she gets her leaf-hoarding tendencies: today on my walk home from work, I realized that I was having a hard time not stopping every 5 steps to pick up a pretty leaf. Ha!)

I ended up not getting anything other than a bird-whistle for M (from the pan-flute folks), though I actually really wanted a set of mini-skeins from Bartlettyarns – it was just too much of a zoo the first time I went into Building B and I never got a chance to go back. Oh well. The experience of the day was great, and that’s the main reason I go, not for shopping!


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