rhinebeck, 2014. [291.365]

Saturday at Rhinebeck was GLORIOUS! The weather was perfect (a little cooler than they'd been forecasting earlier in the week), I got to see SO MANY friends, and M was just so stinking cute in her handknits I could hardly stand it. Here she is rocking out to the pan-flute music, which she (unlike most… Continue reading rhinebeck, 2014. [291.365]


8 squares down, 4 to go!

Assuming I set this up correctly, I'm currently traipsing around Rhinebeck with my lovely family...hooray for the scheduling feature! Say hello to us if you see us there! Also, wish my husband a happy birthday :) I finished (well, not quite...I still need to weave in the ends) square number eight at knitting guild on… Continue reading 8 squares down, 4 to go!