a new hat!


As I mentioned in my last post, M’s “car trip hat” from last year had gotten too short to cover her ears, so I knew she’d need a new hat. Traditionally (if one can call something that’s been done twice a tradition) I knit her a hat on the way down to Rhinebeck, because it takes just about perfectly the length the drive (which is between 5 and 6 hours, because NY is a huge state!) to complete one, at least at the rate that I knit while in a car and somewhat carsick. But I decided to cast on early, after receiving the gorgeous red Malabrigo leftover from a friend’s project:

Making a red hat for my girl.

See, M has recently become obsessed with red. She wants a red everything – a red bag, a red potty, red shoes…and of course, a red hat. The problem was that I am, well, not a fan of red. At all. It just looks horrendous with my coloring (which M mostly shares, though not quite, with those striking brown eyes of hers!) and I associate it with the obnoxious football fans of the school where I did my undergrad and first Masters, and, well, suffice it to say that reds are in short supply in my yarn stash. So I was asking about good shades of red Malabrigo on Twitter (hoping to find one that would play nicely with the purples and teals that make up most of M’s wardrobe), and ended up buying Grumperina’s leftovers. The color was perfect – red, but also hot pinkish, in a way that looks nice on my girl, I think.

I finished the hat on our drive to the orchard last weekend for apple picking, and M immediately put it on:

I finished M's new red hat on our way to go apple picking with friends from her school.

She wore it while sampling the goods at the apple orchard…

Sampling the goods during the MSR apple-picking trip!

…and pushing the wagon around, too.

Managing the wagon.

Taking the wagon to meet her friends.

And in this super-adorable photo I took of her on the wagon with a beloved friend:


The hat is the same top-down, short-rowed garter stitch hem with i-cord bind-off hat that I’ve made for M each year, with a mini-cable hiding the place where there’d be a jog with the garter-in-the-round. I just made it ever so slightly bigger around, and almost an inch longer, than the one I made last year. One of these days I’ll write up a pattern for it (though seriously, you can probably figure it out yourself from the pictures and the description I just gave!).

While knitting the hat for M, I realized that *I* actually do not have a non-hole-ridden hat; Ren got his teeth into my Doppelmossa last spring (so I either need to fix or replace it), and I’ve actually never had a lighter-weight hat, though I’ve wanted one. So, on that note, I cast on for a Bronntanas hat for me:

bronntanas beginnings

I know, knitting one for myself is kind of contrary to the point of the “Knitworthy” collection (intended as a collection of patterns to knit as gifts), but whatever…I’m knitworthy too! I’m still not sure whether I can pull off a slightly slouchy hat, but we’ll see. Also to be seen: whether I can successfully follow a cable pattern, since my ability to do even remotely complicated knitting seems to have evaporated upon becoming a (terribly sleep-deprived) mother!


One thought on “a new hat!

  1. I wasn’t sure if a slouchy hat would work for me when I started my first one, but it turns out that it’s a way better look for me than most non-slouchy hats. I wish you slouchy hat luck.

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