last year’s sweaters


Last year, when I made sweaters for M, I deliberately aimed for “slightly too big”, on the hopes that they’d fit M this year, too. I knew that growth tended to slow down after those first couple of crazy growth years (and boy, did M grow then!), and I seem to have been moderately successful in my endeavor. The sweaters that were on the edge of being too big last year are now on the edge of being too small…but definitely still wearable, as M will attest!

Throwing leaves into the lake at Cobb's Hill

Two weekends ago, M’s school had a 5k fundraiser, and it was a chilly morning, so I bundled M up in knitwear when we walked to Cobb’s hill to help with the race (A ran it, and actually won his age group!) and take part in the very short “fun run” afterwards. Her Garter Rib cardigan from last year still (kind of!) fits! And of course, I had to wear my matching sweater!

Us, after finishing the "fun run" (M's school had a 5k race today, which A ran, followed by a 1/4mile fun run, which M and I ran, holding hands)

(These photos make it pretty obvious that last year’s hat, unlike her sweaters, simply ain’t gonna cut it this year. No worries, though – if you saw my last post, you know she already has a new one. I’ll post it about it later in the week!)

This kid.

The combination of too-big race shirt and slightly too-small sweater just cracked me up. She had a blast climbing…

Colorful climber.

…and jumping…


…all over the playground after the race in her colorful knitwear.

The Garter Rib cardigan isn’t the only “last-year’s” sweater that’s gotten some love already this fall:

Cutie patootie in a handknit from mama

“Cobbler” (so named for its inspiration, the Cobblestone Sweater) has also come out of the sweater chest on a chilly morning. I just love the way that garter yoke looks on her!


(And also the braids! Oh my goodness, the braids!) Not to be left out of the yoke party, babyStripes! the second also gets worn despite the ever shortening sleeves ;)

She turned on the light and said "take my picture, please!"  Yes, ma'am!

And so does the “Extra Yarn” sweater (along with pajama bottoms on her head, because, why not?)

Just wearing her pajama bottoms on her head. As you do.

She wore the “Extra Yarn” sweater (along with her new hat, and a cowl that I actually originally made for my mom) to go apple picking with families from her school last weekend:

On the wagon with her apple bucket.

We visited a pumpkin-patch, too:

Into the pumpkin patch.

I’m so lucky to have such a grateful and willing knitwear model :)


Gosh, this kid. I love her so much.


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