apples!! [284.365]


On Saturday, we went apple picking with families from M’s school. It was so much fun! The weather was cool and lovely, and though the apple trees were a bit picked over, there were still good ones left. As M will attest:

Sampling the goods during the MSR apple-picking trip!

(I finished that red hat for her on the way to the orchard!)

It was just so nice to spend time with the kindred spirits from her school. M enjoyed seeing her friends outside of school time, too:


(It was so sweet to see these two together! They adore each other.)

M loved pulling the cart around the orchard:

Taking the wagon to meet her friends.

And visiting the pumpkin patch:

Into the pumpkin patch.

Afterwards, we had a little picnic, and M just looked so dang cute sitting at the picnic table holding (the remnants of) the dandelion that her friend gave her:

This kid, how I love her!

Such a lovely way to spend the morning!

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