thirsty. [283.365]

Left my water bottle in the car so I've been refilling this cup all day. #thirsty

I inadvertently left my water bottle at home on Friday, so ended up filling (and refilling, and refilling) this little plastic cup all day.

In the morning, we had a conference with M’s teacher, where we discussed her transition to Primary (aka “Children’s House”, aka the level of Montessori school for ~3-6 year olds). She’s definitely ready – apparently her teacher has already been introducing her to “Primary-level” extensions to lessons when she gets one-on-one time with her, and really the only hold up was the potty, which she’s pretty solid on now. I’m really excited for her! She then got sent home from school early with a fever (she was fine – just teething, I think), but I missed the calls from the school because I was teaching (seriously, her school REALLY needs to start calling A first, always, because when I’m at work I can almost never answer my phone right away, but he usually can), so A picked her up, which left me stuck on campus without a car. Turned out alright, though – I just caught up on some work and took the bus home in the evening. What’s another weird day when the week was full of them?

My little sickling strung some beads onto a string for mama.

When A picked M up, she was quietly and patiently stringing beads. I’m quite impressed, because she doesn’t always show such patience, and the beads were actually fairly small ones, smaller than I’d ever seen her work with. So proud!

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