class observation [279.365]

Making notes during a classroom observation. #teaching #work

After teaching my Monday recitation and having 1-on-1 conferences with several students, I observed another instructor’s class. Just something we do in the Writing Program – our teacher version of peer review. My class is being observed next week. My work schedule being what it is, plus the ever shrinking amount of daylight during the hours I’m not at work = really boring photos for this daily project!

The day ended on a horrendous note. A beloved faculty member in my former department (where I got my Ph.D), who happens to be married to my current boss, the director of the writing program, died suddenly and very unexpectedly of a heart attack. He was only 53 – my mom’s age. I’m so heartbroken for my boss and their two sons. I just can’t even imagine losing a spouse so suddenly like that. He was such a brilliant guy, and so very kind, and he and his wife have always been so supportive of me. I’m just so sad. I’ll never get to talk to him again. Both of my professional “families” (the Brain and Cognitive Sciences Dept and the Writing Program) are feeling this loss profoundly. I’m just so very sad. Hug your loved ones tight and tell them you love them, tell them they matter to you – you just don’t know what the next day will bring.


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