post fun-run [278.365]

Us, after finishing the "fun run" (M's school had a 5k race today, which A ran, followed by a 1/4mile fun run, which M and I ran, holding hands)

M’s school had a 5k fundraiser this morning. A ran the 5k, and M and I did the 1/4mile “fun run” together, holding hands. It was CHILLY this morning, so M and I were decked out in our matching sweaters (which received many compliments, whenever we were still enough for anyone to talk to us. M was quite a handful, though – I always end up feeling crappy about how crazy and wild she is compared to (all but one of) the other kids at school events, even though I know no one there is judging us. I just never get to actually talk to the other parents because I’m always having to chase after her. It’s exhausting. Add in feeling sad because I still miss running like crazy even though it’s been over 5 years now that I’ve not been able to do it. My old 5k times would’ve put me first among the ladies, and 3rd overall. Oh well. A did great – he won the 35-39 age group (as he’ll point out, it was a small group, but still!) and set a new personal best for himself!


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