pre-target smooches. [276.365]

Kisses for M before heading into Target, where she was on HER WORST BEHAVIOR EVER OMG. I need a hug now.

We went to Target after I picked her up from school at 3, and she proceeded to be the least well behaved she has ever been in Target, which is saying something, because she’s often pretty bad there. OMG. I think there will be no more “mama and M go to Target together to run errands” trips in the near future. Target’s gotta be a whole-family ordeal, or just me all by myself (though the latter almost never happens because, life, y’all).

Fridays are getting to be pretty un-fun, because M doesn’t nap at school anymore, but she still kind of needs that sleep, so by the time Friday rolls around she is just a hot mess of overtired toddler crazy. And then of course by the time Friday rolls around, I am generally pretty wiped out from a week of teaching 3 sections of fairly needy freshmen, so I don’t have a lot of energy or patience left, and wow, is that ever a bad combo.


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