superkitty enjoys trains. [304.365]

Superkitty enjoys trains :)

I took M to the Museum of Play after school on Friday, and she insisted on wearing her new cape, and the kitty ears we’d attached to her hat. There were surprisingly few kids there, for it being Halloween – I guess they were getting a head start on trick-or-treating? What few kids there were also had costumes on, so it was pretty darned cute. M rode on the “up and down horsey” (on the carousel) for the first time in her left, and generally had a blast running around in her “superkitty” costume.


matchy. [302.365]

Snuggling in our garter rib cardigans.

M asked for a sweater when we got home from school today, and told me she wanted her sweater that’s “like mama’s today”. So we snuggled on the couch in our matching garter rib cardigans. One of these days I really, really want to write up the series of “mama-kiddo” matching (or at least semi-matching) designs that I’ve cooked up in my head. It could be a really awesome e-book. Except that I probably don’t have time to put it together, and I’m basically completely incompetent about marketing myself, so it’s not like I’d make enough money to make the work worth it. Probably. But gosh, my head is just bursting with designs right now, and some of them (like Garter Rib here, which needs a way better name) are even partially written up, it’s just…my life is so full already!

rainy autumn evening. [301.365]

Walking home on a wet autumn evening.

The bus was running INCREDIBLY late yesterday, so even though it was raining, I decided to walk the full distance (2.6 miles) home instead of taking the bus part way (in which case I’d have a 1 mile walk). It was actually a kind of freakishly warm day for late October (our last day in the 70’s til April, probably!), so it was actually a really enjoyable walk, even though it was raining. It’s going to be too dark in the evenings for walking all the way home from campus to even be an option soon, so I’m kinda glad I got this one last walk in.

“grab bag” [300.365]

I decided to go cheap and get a "grab bag" suit from It could not possibly be an uglier color combo (for me). That's what I get for going cheap, ha!

I needed a new lap-swimming suit (and new prescription goggles), so I decided to once again do a “grab bag” suit from SwimOutlet, because it’s like, half the price, and in general I’ve had good luck with getting decent colors. When I started to open the package and saw the “Barbie pink”, I wasn’t too thrilled. And then I noticed the gold trim. OMG. I’m not a fan of (this shade of) pink, and I also can’t stand gold (I like my metal titanium colored!), so this color combo is kind of hilarious in its “wrongness for me”. I’m going to laugh so hard when I put this thing on to swim at the gym.

Maybe I’ll have better luck with the next grab-bag? I won’t be sad when this suit wears out, that’s for sure!

In my office on a Sunday :( [299.265]

In my office on a Sunday :( Giving paper feedback. It is COLD in here.

I have a new batch of papers to give feedback on, and after unsuccessful attempts to do so at home yesterday (M is not conducive to work that requires actually thinking!), I decided I’d need to go into my office for most of the day today. It was very. Cold, as evidenced by my thermometer. I was very productive, at least. Got almost halfway through the papers (there are 30) and also submitted an RSRB proposal whose incomplete state has been weighing heavily on me. I don’t feel good when there’s something I’m supposed to have done and I haven’t done it.

I have awesome friends [298.365]

enjoying the wool fumes

These goodies (Bartlettyarns miniskeins, which I’d coveted at Rhinebeck but never got a chance to actually purchase, arrived in the mail for me along with a very sweet card from Yarny Old Kim, who is so very kind! I have the most awesome friends and I’m so grateful for them. The wool fumes on these skeins are incredible, and I’ve got to think of a perfect project to use them in! Ideas are churning…