M’s first day of school [246.365]

Ready for her first day of this school year!

Ok, it’s a little silly, because she’s a preschooler at a Montessori school that (by virtue of being a Montessori school) doesn’t even have yearly grade-levels, plus she attends their summer program and all that, but after 2.5 weeks off, I think it’s totally worth celebrating M’s first day of school for the 2014-2015 school year! She’s returning to the Cherry Blossoms Toddler Room, but will be moving up into one of the Primary classrooms as soon as she gets solid with toileting. (Please, kiddo, use the potty!)

The day got off to a horrendous start, though – M woke up at 3:45am screaming, and while I was able to snuggle her back to sleep, *I* never got back to sleep, and just in case you were wondering, being up for the day at 3:45am will leave you feeling horrendous. Oy. But, my first thing at work was a “welcome party” for me and the other three “new” faculty in the Writing Program (only one of us is actually new to the program, the other two of us were hired from within). Pretty funny to be “welcomed” to a department where you’ve worked in some capacity or another for 6 years! Then I worked my butt off until lunch time, and then I met up with A to have lunch, because we realized that having lunch together once a week is a thing we can do given that we work in adjacent buildings, so that was nice. And then I worked my butt off some more. This semester is gonna be BUSY. Teaching 3 sections of an extra-supportive writing class and also running workshops for several other classes and also doing a pedagogical research project for the writing program = OMG OVERWHELMED.

Also, holy fuck I’m tired. I do not recommend waking at 3:45am. Time to get ready for bed!

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