blurry post-work snuggles. [245.365]

Today was my first day of teaching for the semester. Busy busy! I think things went ok, but gosh, it's going to take me awhile to adjust to teaching 3 sections of the same writing class, and the crazy schedule this leaves me with, and to the weird-ass computer classrooms they stuck me in, and… Continue reading blurry post-work snuggles. [245.365]

elle melle

almost done…and just starting.

I'm very nearly done with Elle Melle... It took me several tries to get the picked-up stitches for the raglan sleeves (which are knit top-down) to not look ugly, and if I were to make another one (and I probably will, because I adore this sweater!), I think I have an idea for a selvedge… Continue reading almost done…and just starting.