toddler-hiking! [236.365]

We went hiking with a toddler-hiking meetup group this morning!

We joined a Meetup group of folks who want to go hiking locally with their toddlers, and today was the first meetup. We went to Mendon Ponds and did a 2.2 mile hike and met some new friends and it was nice, though after M bit it (HARD) a few times by running like a crazy person on the rock-and-root-filled trail, she decided she’d rather have me carry her on my back, except we were stupid and forgot to bring our carrier, so that meant I was doing the “holding my arms under her butt while carrying her on my back” move which gets mighty exhausting when you’re going up hills! But it was fun and the kiddos seemed to enjoy looking at (and throwing things) in the ponds for which the park was named.

Mendon Ponds.

We also saw several animals, including a frog who let me take a closeup:

Froggie friend on the hiking path.

I think it’ll be fun to take M back to Mendon Ponds (with or without the group) and to other spots in the area, though we’ll definitely remember a carrier next time. One of the dads who hiked with us had a snazzy frame carrier and it made me kinda want one!


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