cutting patterns. [235.365]

I finally traced and cut the pattern for my 100 acts of sewing dress(es)! I cut size XS except I cut it the length of the biggest size (can always trim it shorter but I like my dresses on the longer side).

I finally got around to tracing and cutting out some patterns after M went to bed last night, including a 100 acts of sewing dress for me. I cut it in size XS but kept all of the length of the largest size, with the idea that I can always shorten it, but I’ll never wear a dress if it’s “too short” (and it turns out I’m relatively prudish about skirt/dress lengths!). We’ll see if I ever find time to cut the fabric and sew one (or more!) of these up, as well as the Ice Cream Dress (actually Blouse) pattern I cut for M, but here’s hoping.

(Also, I noticed when I was cutting the 100 acts of sewing dress that Sonja had written a very sweet note to me about my knitting patterns on the enclosed card, which totally made my evening!)

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