view from my desk. [232.365]

View from my desk (hope I can keep it this neat after classes start!)

A did a half day at work today so that I could go in for the afternoon. I had a meeting with my TAR (Teaching-as-Research) Fellowship group, and I hadn’t seen them since before my defense, and they all cheered for me at the meeting for having finished, and it was kind of awesome. Gotta get working on my actual research project for that – I’m studying how well students are able to transition into discipline-specific writing following our freshman writing classes, and the extent to which that depends on how closely related the theme of their writing class is to the content of their major courses, and I’m also doing a “case study” of my own class as an example of using cognitive science topics as a theme for a writing class (I plan to track them into their discipline-specific writing next year if I can). I’m excited about it all, but haven’t been able to get as much done to prepare for it this summer as I’d hoped.

Anyway, here’s the view from my desk. My office probably won’t be quite this neat again until next summer, heh.

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