scenes from a ridiculously long walk. [230.365]

Enjoying her high perch. #latergram

We went on a ridiculously long walk this morning, on this first day of the two weeks where M doesn’t have morning camp (her school starts back the Wednesday after Labor Day for her – mine of course starts on that Tuesday, so that’s super fun!). We walked to the post-office to mail the package with babyStripes! and the pumpkin hat to my friend (post office is about 1.5 miles away), and then on the way back, walked through Highland Park, and then from there, to the Linden Playground and from there, on home. Almost 5.5 miles! While we were at Highland Park, M discovered another great place to climb trees over near the reservoir. This kid loves trees.

More playground knitting (Mitered Crosses square number 7). Size 8 needles feel HUGE right now!

At the Linden Playground, I got to knit a little bit while M played in the sandbox…I brought along a square of my Mitered Crosses blanket, and holy crap, size 8 needles feel GIGANTIC after you’ve been knitting with 2’s, 4’s and then 1’s for the last several weeks. An 11 year old girl chatted me up for awhile when she spotted me knitting. She was adorably earnest and very excited to talk to me about the knitting she’d done. Aww.

It was a kind of ridiculously long walk, but it kept us busy (and happy with each other, which really is something given how these last few days have gone) from 8:45am until noon, so I’d call that worth it. You guys, this whole “trying to get work done during M’s naps while being solely responsible for her care throughout the entire day” gig is HARD and I am SO TIRED already.


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