more things i knit for other people’s babies: pumpkin hat!


So, knitting 2×2 rib over 120 sts on size 2 needles for 7 inches turns out to be…a lot of knitting. But I was determined to finish this hat as quickly as I could so that I could get the package in the mail to my friend, who is due in just a few short weeks! I knit at the playground on Saturday morning…

Knitting at the playground on a gorgeously cool summer morning :)

and while M played with her daddy on Saturday evening…

Still knitting. (goodness, 7" of 2x2 rib over 120sts on size 1 needles is...a lot of knitting!)

and while her daddy rocked her for her nap this afternoon…

Switching to green (for the "stem")

and then I made a little leaf…

Little leaf (to be sewn onto pumpkin hat)

…and now there’s a finished hat to go along with babyStripes!

pumpkin hat on babyStripes!

And yes, I know there are pumpkin hat patterns that look more like pumpkins, with wider stockinette ribs and narrower purl ribs, but in this case, I’m trading verisimilitude for practicality: 2×2 rib is CRAZY stretchy, and with the brim folded up a lot, this hat will fit a newborn, and with it folded up not so much, it’ll probably fit all the way up to 6 months (depending on head size and all that, of course!).

I’m so excited to put this package in the mail for my friend tomorrow!

babyStripes! plus pumpkin hat

If there’s a more deserving recipient out there, I’m not sure who it could be. It makes me smile to know that her wee one is going to be able to wear handknits that match the ones I knit for my own wee one. Hooray!

One thought on “more things i knit for other people’s babies: pumpkin hat!

  1. Kris

    That stem is extra cute and I really appreciate the stretchiness! I’m excited to send you pics of the baby wearing it once they make their arrival! Thank you!!!

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