making a pumpkin hat. [228.265]

Knitting at the playground on a gorgeously cool summer morning :)

At least until A runs his half-marathon, Saturday mornings mean taking M on a 2-playground walk while A does his long run. This time, I brought my knitting along, and miracle of miracles, M was actually willing to play solo in the sandbox and let me sit on the bench to knit!

I’m making a pumpkin hat for my friend K who is due in just a few weeks. (She, or rather her wee one, is also the recipient of the tiny babyStripes! I just knit.) Working towards 7″ of 2×2 rib, over 120sts on size 1 needles…it’s a lot of knitting. But I can definitely tell I made progress today…here’s a photo of the hat-in-progress this evening!

Still knitting. (goodness, 7" of 2x2 rib over 120sts on size 1 needles is...a lot of knitting!)

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