rough day. [227.365]

I thought I'd sneak a little knitting in while she finished lunch, but then she climbed onto my shoulders.

I stupidly thought I’d sneak a little knitting in while M finished her lunch, but of course, she climbed up onto my shoulders. This kid basically never leaves me alone. Sometimes it’s sweet, and other times, it’s just so damned overwhelming I can’t even. Friday was the latter, alas.

Friday was rough. M’s last day of camp, which means I’m heading into two straight weeks of full time M-at-home, except I’m supposed to be getting work done and I actually have a few meetings I have to be at on campus, so…it’s gonna be a mess. Plus I’m so homesick I’ve been crying about it – we weren’t able to go up to MN this summer (and I don’t even know if we’ll be able to go over Winter Break) and I’m just heartbroken about it. And then, to make matters worse, it’s airshow weekend, which meant the jets were roaring over our neighborhood for half the afternoon and it was just so loud and just too much.

We’ll get through these next couple of weeks (and A is going to try to help out by taking a half-day here and there) but it’s situations like this that make me really envy the folks who live close enough to family (or have family-like friends) who can help them out in a pinch. (Which is probably amplifying my homesickness, now that I think about it.)


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