things i make for other people’s babies: babyStripes! #3!

babyStripes! for K's baby, all finished

It’s all done! I opted to leave it zipper-less, partly out of “OMG I don’t want to screw up this gift!” fear, but mostly because I’ve always been happy with these sweaters as open cardis, and stiff zipper + floppy newborn just doesn’t seem like a cozy combination to me. It’s not quite ready to ship up to MN though, because something else needs to tag along…

pumpkin hat beginnings

When I asked K if there was anything I’d knit for my M that she’d like for her fall baby, she said she’d love a babyStripes! and a pumpkin hat…so of course I’m obliging! I’d thought I had leftover pumpkin-colored sock yarn from M’s that I could use, but if I do, it’s buried so deep in my stash that I’ll find it five years from now (seriously, my stash is kind of frighteningly enormous at the moment). Thankfully, one of my dear Twitter friends came to the rescue and sent along a skein of pumpkin-orange sock yarn for me to use.

This will be my focus, knitting-wise, for the next several days (until it’s done), and then I’ll turn my attention back to Elle Melle. I misinterpreted the instructions for picking up and knitting the raglan-sleeves top-down and ended up with something very strange and not raglan-like at all, so I need to rip rip rip! Best to take a break with a simple ribbed hat before I tackle that job, I think :)


One thought on “things i make for other people’s babies: babyStripes! #3!

  1. Kris

    It looks awesome! I can’t wait to see it in person! I think leaving it without a closure makes a ton of sense. Thank you!!?

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