more balance bike fun! [223.365]

More balance bike fun on the canal path. We went a whole mile!

I took M back to the canal path this afternoon so that she could ride her balance bike again. I used Runkeeper so that I know to turn around before we got TOO far away from the car, but she covered an entire mile (half mile out, half mile back) which is pretty cool. I’ve GOT to develop more of a tolerance for traveling on foot with a toddler who is not confined to a stroller, though, because the constant stopping was driving me utterly batshit crazy. I just wanted to walk! But mama needs to chill out, because M is getting so much out of this, and when she stops its usually to ask about something she sees (except now she also plays this “game” where she decides it’s a red light, and then won’t go until she decides it’s a green light, and OMG JUST GO ALREADY YOU HAVE THE POWER TO DECIDE THE LIGHT IS GREEN WHENEVER YOU WANT TO!). I did not save the Runkeeper activity because that mile we covered took like, 45 minutes what with all the stopping. So much stopping.

But she’s getting really good. She picks her feet up and glides sometimes! I even caught that on video (posted on Instagram and Facebook). She went down a couple of (very low-grade hills) and said “gravity is pulling me! it’s making me a little scared!” but then kept right on going because she’s a brave kiddo like that.

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