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kitchen helper. [222.365]

Helping mama knead. (Or trying, at least!)

M was a good little kitchen helper this morning while A went on his run. We made my honey flax bread dough together, and then we made yummy pancakes (which are also flax & whole-wheat based) for lunch (with lots of leftovers to eat during the rest of the week):

Serious pancake-eater. (She helped me make them, along with the bread, while A was running this morning.)

This afternoon we took M to the Erie Canal Path to try riding her balance bike outside. She did SO well!

Riding away.

She’s already figuring out how to glide on it! I’m always so impressed by her balance and general physical skills. I was never super-duper coordinated as a kid (inner ear problems and vision problems were probably the root cause of that, and it really shook my confidence) so it just really excites me to see what she’s capable of.

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