busy saturday. [221.365]

At the Wegmans Organic Farm in Canandaigua.

Saturday was a VERY full day! We went on a tour of the Wegmans Organic Farm down in Canandaigua with M’s school (which was nice but exhausting, especially since M was by far the worst-behaved toddler of the bunch during the tour, which made me feel like a crappy parent, which is dumb because all of the other parents are super nice and not judgmental, and she’s ALWAYS crazypants at school events and the other kids are so chill and we don’t do anything different from those parents, it’s just who she is and who she is is exhausting a lot of the time).

Then since we were down in Canandaigua anyway, we stopped by my friend Jan’s house. I met her through the Writing Program back when I was just a tutor and she was our admin assistant, and it turned out she was a knitter, and she’s the one who introduced me to all of my knitting guild buddies, and I haven’t gotten to see her much since she retired from the writing program and moved out there. It turns out they have a boat, so we got to go on a boat ride!

On a boat!

We borrowed a toddler-size lifejacket from someone she knew, and M had a BLAST! That night, after we got home, she kept saying, “I goed on a boat today and I was SO happy!”. Aww!


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